Vilamartín de Valdeorras is a municipality of Ourense belonging to the region of Valdeorras that is to 105 kilometers of Ourense. The valley of the Sil stands out in its geography that crosses it from east to west and its mountain chains, with the Serra do Eixo in the south where it surpasses the 1200 meters of altitude, and to the north the Serra dos Cabalos (Photo) which reaches The 1541 meters in its highest point and the Serra da Lastra (Photo), which is around 1600 meters. These mountains are ideal places to practice activities such as hiking or mountaineering.
In the south part of the municipality in the left margin of the Sil are the two most outstanding constructions of the municipality. In the town of Correxais we can see the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians (Photo) today in poor condition and the church of San Pedro. If we go down to the river we find the reservoir of Santiago in Valencia do Sil (Photo) and next to the church of San Bernabé. Nearby is the chapel of Penouta (Photo), where we find a pedestrian bridge over the Sil, upstream is located the Pazo de Arnado or Castillo de Torre Penelas (Photo) from the beginning of the 19th century and the church of Arnado (Photo ). On the other side of the river we can see other houses such as San Lorenzo de Arcos, San Miguel de Outeiro or A Portela, where there is also the church of San Julián very close to the one of Córgomo. Near the town of Vilamartín is the recreational area of ​​O Bañadoiro, where there is a swimming pool and facilities for practicing different sports. In the vicinity of this we can see the church of San Jorge de Vilamartín (Photo) and towards the mountains the church of San Vicente (Photo). Finally highlight the many “Caves” or wineries that exist in the municipality to preserve the wine D.O. Valdeorras that are used in their popular festival of the Route of the Caves.
Several parochial celebrations are celebrated in the municipality such as Santa Maria Magdalena in June, Santa Marta in Córgomo in July, San Martiño in November or Santa Lucia in December. In addition there are other parties such as the Pilgrimage of San Xurxo held in April, the Festival of the Vendimia in November or the Route of the Caves, a festival in which a tour of the different cellars in caves to test their wines, held the first Saturday of August.

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