Location: in the municipality of Rubiá (Valdeorras), on the border with El Bierzo (León).

Office Phone Natural Park, Biobra Visitor Center: 988324319

Hours: 10 to 14 hours seven days a week and from 16 to 20 hours from Wednesday to Sunday.
This distinguished park with an area of ​​3.151.67 hectares located in the municipality of Rubiá, Bolo-Valdeorras region was declared Natural Park in early 2002.
Its name comes from Roman times, in which it is said that a large oak guided the travelers of the place.
The places of Covas and Biobra are remarkable. On a plot of land near the cemetery of Covas, you can see an oak tree like the one used to guide the walkers of Roman Gallaecia. In the village of Biobra lies the Visitor Center.
Traveling along the right bank of the Sil, which during Roman times served to enrich the empire with the gold nuggets that it housed in its waters, is the Route between Covas and Vilardesilva which offers us stunning views of Sil canyon.
We can also choose to approach the Penedos de Oulego, which welcomes a unique natural landscape or admire the amazing shapes of Val do Inferno.
The landscape of the Natural Park is very scarce in Galicia due to its rocky limestone formations. In addition it counts on a very singular vegetation like its castañales, forests of oaks and its Mediterranean scrubs in which the wild tomillares surprise.
Accompany to the incredible flora of the place a great variety of birds, in fact it houses the greater concentration of nesting birds of Galicia.
In their caves (also known as “shovels”), some of them of great length like “the cove of Zorra” of 600m., Inhabit large colonies of bats.
It was declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA).
It has wildlife observatories, caving refuge in Covas, with sports license.

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