It is located in the town of Ponte (municipality of A Veiga), at 1,697 meters of altitude, very close to Pena Trevinca, the so-called roof of Galicia.
Its name derives from an ancient Celtic legend. This legend tells us that, in ancient times, in A Lagoa da Serpe de Pena Trevinca there was a large snake, feared by all. On full moon nights, the serpent was transfigured into a beautiful woman and if a young man managed to spit the snake in his mouth, the snake would be transformed forever and marry him.
A full moon night, a boy from the village of Ponte, nearest village to the lagoon, went looking for the snake to face her, but instead of the huge snake, he ran into a beautiful woman. The boy, Stoic waited for dawn to arrive, and when he became a snake again, he courageously spat in his mouth. It was then that he was transformed into the beautiful lady the young man had seen at night, that beautiful woman never became a snake again, and then he married the lucky knight who succeeded in ridding her of his terrible curse.

The fact that it is almost impossible to find a glacial lagoon with similar characteristics in these latitudes makes A Lagoa da Serpe a unique space in the Iberian peninsula and even in the European continent, this is because at the top of the mountain there was a Cap from which the ice fell in several directions and, instead of one, formed several languages, resulting in a surprising landscape.
As far as the flora of the place are concerned the Gentian, plant with medicinal properties and the Drosera rotundifolia, a carnivorous plant that only grows in spaces in which sedimentary materials of glacial character stand out.
As for the fauna, it is possible to emphasize the frog patilarga or frog Iberian, which is threatened due to the fires, the introduction of foreign species, the felling of trees, the contamination of the waters in which it inhabits, 4-etc.

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