The Canyon of the Sil is undoubtedly one of the places of the most impressive Galician geography to visit. The impressive contrast of rocks and vegetation make of your trip an unbeatable pleasure for the visitor, a catamaran ride on the river will make you enjoy your beauty to the fullest
Well from the river bed, from the viewpoints that can be found on top of the hills we are blinded by the beauty of this natural site, a special microclimate allows us to contemplate vegetation of captivating splendor.
But the monastic wealth of the canyon of Sil transform the trip into an unparalleled cultural and historical experience, the Monastery of Santo Estevo is the ultimate expression of sacred art of this paradisiac place
The deep canyons that formed the courses of the Miño, Sil and Cabe rivers were, from the IV century, welcoming to numerous hermits that, later, they happened to organize in monasteries. The continuous renewal of the monastic life and the creation of new congregations throughout the Middle Ages, made the area a sacred bank (Ribeira Sacra) unparalleled in western Europe
The importance of its architectural complexes, located in natural areas of exceptional beauty, make the Ribeira Sacra one of the jewels of the Galician and European heritage that in good measure still retains its original notes.
Thousands of stories and legends surround this impressive place, do not forget to visit it.
Catamaran Ribeira Sacra. Tours by the Canyons of the Sil and Routes of the Galician Romanesque

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